What do you know about crypto?

3 min readAug 21, 2021

Some of them say it’s just complicated, for some it takes a lot of time and small money could be made on cryptocurrency. Some, — say that you should buy it in 2010.
Stop lets put aside those stereotypes and go through facts.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology itself came to life for sake of humankind and in a short period of time, they become a part of the lifestyle. More gasoline stations, hotels, restaurants, accepting cryptocurrency today. But why is it profitable right now?
First reason, — and nothing new that we are currently facing another recession and it’s just the beginning.
Financial markets are massively volatile and a lot of people are facing additional risks.
If only one percent of all investors worldwide will join the cryptocurrency market then the price of Bitcoin should go above a Hundred thousand dollars according to o anaslyts of the major financial institution’s data.
The cycle of recessions been here and about to stay If you didn’t earn 2008 then it’s your chance.
Reason number two, — the US Dollar bubble, basically there are more goods and services worldwide than dollars in the bank branches. So to say, right after your birth you owe to IRS or IMF, and it’s not a secret that the US dollar is about to be rebooted with the arrival of the next-generation monetary policy when the Fiat currency will be totally replaced with cryptocurrency.
Reason number three, — Blockchain technology provides a hundred percent guarantee of payment transactions. Today the Blockchain technology are actively adapting to all sort of business models, it allows to decrease expenses, increase earnings, improve cashflow.

The Global financial situation will bring Blockchain technology adoption will bring cryptocurrency to everybody’s daily routine.
The main reason for joining is an opportunity to have an ever-growing income on the cryptocurrency market.
There is a variety of tools in the cryptocurrency market when the trades are executed by Artificial Intelligence using Machine Learning techniques that can bring profit working in the market on its own.

Let’s summarise: the cryptocurrency market holds big potential behind for every part of society.
In the years to come Blockchain technologies ale closer and closer coming into our daily routine.
Nowadays, the tools are allowing to make as much as ten percent per month, or ten percent per week versus the traditional ten percent in a year investing in the Stock market.
Now imagine, you are relaxing on a beach sipping a refreshing cocktail why artificial intelligence is making money for you 24/7 which only huge corporations can afford it.
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