iBitinvest first steps implementing AI Management

Creating your investment profile with iBitinvest simple

Human expertise is fused with Artificial Intelligence for extra-human abilities in speed, data analyzing power, accuracy, and market understanding. This hybridization creates powers of insight never before possible in real estate investment, allowing our investors to enjoy heightened access, performance, confidence, and transparency.

Responsive is a hybrid wealth advisor solution that is helping participants and managers grow client wealth and loyalty by providing personalized and adaptive service.

iBitinvest helps wealth management work faster, smarter, and transparent. We provide enterprise software that empowers and engages clients and augments decision-making.


The platform’s algorithms and human advisors help Sarwa’s clients open an account in minutes via facial recognition, track their goals via an intuitive dashboard, and rebalance their portfolios when the market causes their investments to drift from their target.

iBitinvest design itself embedded in rewriting the user journey of how saving and investing should be done, finally putting the customer first ambitions ahead. Experiencing the dashboard that improves the efficiency of relationship managers within the banks by creating talking points for their clients. The platform processes various live and past data to offer a view of the market and decisions that would be wise enough to apply.

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